When you're Miu fuckin' Iruma, you can get away with sayin' all kinds of awful shit! Hoo-yeah! Cuz I fuckin' rule!

chloe / 20↑ / new york

♥ cis♀ / aro&gray-pan

♡ ♐︎ sun / ♒︎ moon / ♊︎ rising

♥ isfp-t

♡ full time sushi chef

♥ cat mom & proud

the real miu iruma (kin)


shsl inventor

happy happy#5378

Chloe is an old nickname (not my real name) a friend gave me back in 2015 that stuck & it became habit to call myself Chloe online. However I'm pretty open & honest about myself, so if you ask me for my real name I'll probably tell you. sometimes I like the thrill of secrets ;)

I'm a very nsfw driven & shameless person so I don't recommend talking to me if that makes you uncomfortable. I also like a lot of stuff that can be considered problematic, so if you think fiction and reality should be held to the same moral standards then you're in for a rough time with me.

animals, coffee, alcohol, idols, sports anime, bl, genderswaps, webtoons



playing / friend codes
enstars!! basic------fj8urowo (inactive)
a3! ww----------------572345101 (closed)
llsifas ww-----------------------447466551
feh ww------------------------6648488564
toc ww--------------------------984605262


playing--------------video games & vn's
reading---------------manga / webtoons
watching------------------------anime / tv


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★ a3, aaside, ensemble stars, hypnosis mic, idolish7, the [email protected], love live, paradox live // ( inactive/honorable mentions: d4dj, tsukiuta )

aaside / argonavis, fantôme iris, fujin rizing!
hypmic / buster bros!!!
[email protected] / houkago climax girls, jupiter, l.m.b.g.
love live / azalea, bibi, lily white, qu4rtz
paralive / akyr, bae
etc. / growth (tsukipara), lyrical lily, merm4id (d4dj)


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non-mobage/music characters

other series/franchises

one piece / kuroko no basket / 3-gatsu no lion / idolish7

★ soul eater / d.gray-man

mo dao zu shi / the captive prince trilogy

bl;-------blood bank / love tractor / on or off
hl;------ flower and the beast / villains are destined to die / roxana
other;--fight like a girl / precious daughter of the greatest martial arts villain /
-------------sweet home / villain duke's precious one

video games;
fe;------awakening / fates / three houses
ff;-------7 / 7 remake / 15
tales;--berseria / crestoria / zestiria
zelda;--botw / oot / ss / tp / ww

visual novels;
bl;------dramatical murder / togainu no chi / sweet pool / lamento
other;--danganronpa / higurashi / umineko


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★ spring/summer/autumn/winter troupes (a3)
★ black bulls (black clover)
★ asl brothers (one piece)
★ straw hat pirates (one piece)

banri x itaru (a3)
★ misumi x kazunari (a3)
mirio x tamaki (bnha)
★ miyuki x kuramochi (dna)
kuro x chiaki (enstars)
★ rei x kaoru (enstars)
dedue x ashe (fe)
felix x sylvain (fe)
xander x laslow (fe)
atsumu x hinata / hinata x atsumu (haikyuu)
★ bokuto x kuroo (haikyuu)
★ ramuda x ichiro (hypmic)
samatoki x ichiro (hypmic)
★ geto x gojo (jjk)
★ everyone x kuroko (kurobasu)
★ everyone x luffy (one piece)

★ kaede x miu (danganronpa)
★ maki x nobara (jjk)
★ chika x dia (love live)
maki x nico (love live)
★ shizuku x kasumi (love live)
★ yoshiko x riko (love live)
★ you x chika (love live)
yang x weiss (rwby)
★ eva x natsuhi (umineko)

kanata x ako (aistars)
★ subaru x yume (aistars)
jaune x weiss (rwby)
★ ray x emma (ynn/tpn)

do not interact

✿ if you're anti-feminist, terf, anti-choice ("pro-life"), any type of anti-lgbt/lgbt-phobic or pro-trump.

✿ if you believe that fiction and reality should be held to the same moral standards.

✿ if you sexualize children, women, animals, poc or any lgbt.

✿ if you don't respect someones pronouns or trigger warnings, regardless of who they are.

✿ if you're "blue lives matter" or think that black lives matter isn't a valid movement.

✿ if you think that "straight pride" is necessary.

✿ if you don't believe in global warming or gun control.

✿ if you think that animal aggression stems from breeds.

✿ if you hate any type of animal, especially cats.