When you're Miu fuckin' Iruma, you can get away with sayin' all kinds of awful shit! Hoo-yeah! Cuz I fuckin' rule!

chloe | 21↑ | new york❤ she/her | aspec❤ ♐︎ sun | ♒︎ moon | ♊︎ rising❤ the real miu iruma (kin)


shsl inventor

discord: usamiu

Chloe is an old nickname (not my real name) a friend gave me back in 2015 that stuck and it became habit to call myself Chloe online.I'm a very nsfw driven and shameless person. I also like a lot of stuff that can be considered problematic, so if you think fiction and reality should be held to the same moral standards then I don't recommend interacting with me.

danmei ─ jp idols ─ jrpg ─ lgbt media ─ sports anime ─ webtoons.


★ avantasia ─ beast in black ─ ghost (8/18/2023) ─ lordi ─ lord of the lost (9/17/2024) ─ sabaton (5/22/2024)
one piece ─ kuroko no basket ─ 3-gatsu no lion
★ soul eater ─ d.gray-man
mo dao zu shi ─ scum villain ─ the captive prince trilogy
★ Villains Are Destined to Die ─ I Fell into a Reverse Harem Game! ─ My Life as an Internet Novel ─ Cursed Princess Club ─ Operation: True Love ─ Men of the Harem
video games;
★ final fantasy (7 | 15) ─ fire emblem (13 | 14 | 16 | 17) ─ pokemon (swsh | la | sv)
visual novels;
★ danganronpa ─ the divine speaker ─ nitro+chiral ─ when they cry

do not interact

✿ if you're anti-feminist, terf, anti-choice ("pro-life"), any type of anti-lgbt/lgbt-phobic or pro-trump.✿ if you believe that fiction and reality should be held to the same moral standards.✿ if you sexualize children, women, animals, poc or any form of lgbt.✿ if you don't respect someones pronouns or trigger warnings, regardless of who they are.✿ if you're "blue lives matter" or think that black lives matter isn't a valid movement.✿ if you think that "straight pride" is necessary.✿ if you don't believe in global warming or gun control.✿ if you think that animal aggression stems from breeds.✿ if you hate cats.✿ if you actively shame anyone for their likes/dislikes, even if they're "problematic."✿ if you don't believe that aspec people belong in the lgbt community.